Why You Want To Hire Me

My name is Pami Woodruff. I’m a writer and editor, with more than two decades of daily on-the-job writing experience, recently turned solo-preneur. I like to write for soul-centered and heart-centered entrepreneurs for whom writing is a tear-your-hair-out I-know-I-should-but-do-I-have-to? chore.

I help you free up time to do what you do best, by writing your blog posts and newsletters for you, to build your following and customer base, and build your business.

Why is it totally awesome to hire me to write for you? Ten reasons, in no particular order:

  1. I have an amazing memory. My earliest memory is from when I was a week shy of one year old – the day I first walked by myself. That means I can tap into a lifetime of memories and emotions to get a post “just right” for the audience you want to reach.
  2. I have a bit of a drama kid background. When I’m writing as you, I get into character AS YOU so I can write in your voice.
  3. Brains, intelligence, good memory – whatever it is, I know a little bit about a lot. Enough to think, “there was a story about that, what, maybe eight years ago? That would be an awesome example for this post.” Yup, a few seconds later I’ve googled it and have the example for your post.
  4. Terrific Googling skills. Ok, so I was one of those Alta Vista fans back in the day, and AskJeeves was pretty cool, too. But I can find nearly everything I want to find online, pretty darn fast. That makes research for ghostwriting your blog posts go faster. I have time for more thorough research. Win-win!
  5. I’m creative. I can put words together in a way that people like to read. Check out a few of my posts at makeitwithpam.com/blog.
  6. Fast turnaround. I usually get the idea for your post quickly, and get the draft written quickly. That gives me time to polish it well before the deadline. I usually deliver the finished product early – as in half the time quoted or less.
  7. Spiritual/Personal Growth background. I know the lingo, the terminology, and the concepts.
  8. I’ve always been great at simplifying complex subjects, explaining them in everyday language that is easy to understand. Boil down that idea to something everyone can “get” easily? I can do that.
  9. I’m a quick study. Even if it is a topic I’ve never learned about before, I can become a near-instant “expert” – expert enough to write about the subject intelligently and thoughtfully.
  10. I’m just plain nice to work with! And often, my posts have a little humor in them as well.

Message me if you’d like to know more about working with me…and freeing up time to do more of the stuff you like!

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